Football for Peace

Creating dialogue and uniting the world through sport
Open Imagination

Football for Peace Global was established in 2013. Siddiqi was moved by the great work of FIFA and Chilean legend Elias Figueroa and Steve Leighton through Fubol Por Laz Paz in the Americas and inspired by his mother’s journey from East Africa to Great Britain during the reign of President of Uganda Idi Amin. His mother Shamim, facing hardship during the conflict and her own struggle motivated Kashif to bring the Football for Peace initiative on the spirit of what had been achieved in the Americas, to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Far East.

Now more than ever, the need exists for the important work FfP Global do in advocating and aiding individuals in culturally complex areas where dialogue has broken down. Many people on our planet are affected directly and indirectly through conflict and misunderstanding, that leave communities disenfranchised and disengaged. The diplomatic sports movement fully understands the influence and reach of football and advocacy, and set out to harness its power to unite people in today’s climate, to create positive social change and greater understanding.

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Launcing FFP

Launching Football For Peace with Maradona


Easter Island Partido Por Laz paz initiative with Pele

South American Peace Match

Ronaldinho and Deco supporting the annual peace match